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EORTC focuses its research in this field on Hodgkin Lymphoma (HL), a rare cancer. When treated correctly, Hodgkin Lymphoma can be cured, but late toxicity (second cancers, cardiovascular diseases, and fatigue) in these patients is a major concern. New trial initiatives aim to reduce both acute and late toxicity, while maintaining high cure rates.

EORTC research projects in Hodgkin Lymphoma look at all aspects of the disease: Early, Advanced, Radiotherapy, Survivorship/Long term effects, Elderly, Relapsed, Biology and Translational Research. Our goal is to achieve a better basis for personalised treatment of newly-diagnosed patients in order to achieve the best chances for survival with minimal toxicity, taking into account the patient’s prognosis, individual characteristics and personal preferences.

Main Achievements

The EORTC was created in 1962 and started its first clinical trial in 1964. It was a study for the Lymphoma group, the H1 trial, that recruited the first EORTC patient. Since then, the group has worked continuously, creating research protocols from H1 to H10 that represent decades of scientific rigour, advances, and therapeutic improvements for patients.

In recent years, it has also embedded modern technologies in its trials. For instance, according to an EORTC study published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology, adapting treatment based on the results of early Positron-Emission Tomography (PET) scans in Stage I/II Hodgkin Lymphoma patients treated with standard chemotherapy could improve outcomes More information. This research follows a similar strategy already completed and published for higher stage lymphoma ( link to publication ).

The group has also assessed the long-term consequences and survivorship conditions of Hodgkin Lymphoma patients and its effects on social, professional and private life, as well as potential late side effects in survivors. It considers this field its latest pioneering effort More information or More information

Related Projects

  • 1659: Determining reference value for EORTC-QLQ-C30 for Hodgkin’s Lymphoma (HL) and Breast Cancer. (project leader: Andrew Bottomley)
    In review
    This project is pending funding approval from Merck. The project is currently under contract discussion. No specific trials have yet been selected for inclusion in this project (to be done after contract requirements are clarified).
  • 1103 (H9-TR): 20982 – Prognostic tissue biomarkers in classical Hodgkin Lymphoma. (project leader: Arjan Diepstra)
    Laboratory work is completed. Statistical analysis is ongoing.
  • 1104 (H10-QART): 20051 – Retrospective quality control of radiotherapy in H10. (project leader: Berthe Aleman)
    The H10 project is ongoing with approximately 1/3 of cases received as requested for the ICR review. Upcoming is a reviewer TC to discuss any unforeseen queries or issues with the review prior to kick starting the project.
  • 1246: Long-term survivorship in European patients treated for Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. (project leader(s): Marleen van der Kaaij & Michel Henry Amar)
    Lifestyle questionnaires sent to all patients.
    Clinical update, Medical Questionnaires, started in 2014 and supported by Dutch and French Cancer Leagues.
    Activated: 2009
    Analysis plans are under development. Other analysis proposals are welcome!
  • 1449 (H1H9-LSQ-Rel): Relationships, marriage and partner abandonment among Hodgkin lymphoma survivors treated in nine EORTC-GELA Lymphoma Group trials. (project leader: Marleen van der Kaaij)
    The project is currently on hold because of limited resources.
  • 1450 (H1H9-LSQ-Work): The impact of cancer diagnosis on education, work and insurance in Hodgkin’s Lymphoma survivors treated in nine collaborative EORTC-GELA trials. (project leader: Marleen van der Kaaij)
    Two analyses have been performed: job/education interruption & employment situation comparison between survivors and healthy controls. One round discussion on results. Further clarification on the results/data to be discussed with M. van der Kaaij.
  • 1351 (H1H9-CVMS): Cardiovascular disease and musculoskeletal complications and impact of therapy in long-term survivors of HL: a cohort study by the EORTC Lymphoma Group. (project leader: Maja Maraldo)
    One abstract presented at ICML 2015 and first paper published in Lancet Haematol. 2015. Second abstract submitted to ASTRO 2017.
  • 1493 (GetReal Wp2_Case): Management of late adverse events and its impact on effectiveness in long-term survivors of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. (project leaders: Lifang Liu in collaboration with Berthe Alemanand previously Noemie Hummer)
    First data analysis done, results in discussion phase.
  • 1494 (GetReal Wp4_Case): Using evidence from clinical trials to predict outcome in real-life setting for patients treated for Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. (project leaders: Lifang Liu in collaboration with Berthe Aleman and Thomas de Bray, from Utrecht University)
    Statistical Analysis Plan in preparation by Utrecht univercity.
  • 1554 (H10-AYA) Comprehensive analysis of clinical characteristics and outcomes of Adolescents (age 15-19) and Young Adults (age 20-29) enrolled in the EORTC 20051-H10 phase III trial.
    In planning phase.

Research Group

Group documents
  • Chair

    Martin Hutchings


    Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Secretary

    Paul Meijnders

    Iridium Cancer Network Antwerp/GZA

    Antwerp, Belgium

  • Treasurer

    Elly Lugtenburg

    Erasmus MC

    Rotterdam, Netherlands