EORTC HQ Directors

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    Denis Lacombe

    Dr. Denis Lacombe is involved in the coordination and administration of all EORTC activities to promote EORTC as a major European organisation in cancer clinical and translational research. He is responsible for scientific and public policy activities, developing and implementing medium-term strategies as defined by the EORTC Board, and internal and external communications.

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    Françoise Meunier

    Prof. Françoise Meunier served as EORTC Director General from 1991 through 2015. She focused on developing the EORTC headquarters as a research infrastructure and took an active role in cultivating future generations of clinical oncologists by creating the EORTC Fellowship Programme. Now EORTC Director Special Projects, she drives activities such as EORTC cancer survivorship initiatives and fundraising projects.

  • Vassilis Golfinopoulos

  • Jan Bogaerts

  • Christian Brunet

Senior Management Team

  • Ann Marinus

  • Laurence Collette

  • Sandrine Marréaud

  • Yan Liu

  • Pascal Ruyskart

  • Andrew Bottomley

  • Caroline Gilotay