General Assembly

The General Assembly is the EORTC’s legislative body. It discusses and approves policies, proposals, and strategies. The General Assembly delegates specific functions to the Board, Committees, or appointees.

The effective voting members of the General Assembly are the Board members, the past three Presidents, each Group Chair and Task Force Chairs, and a representative from each of the top 15 accruing institutions. The General Assembly meets at least once a year and elects a new EORTC Board once every three years.

Representatives from the 15 top Academic Recruiting Institutions*

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    Patrick Schöffski

    Leuven, Belgium

  • /

    Stefan Sleijfer

    Erasmus MC Hospital

    Rotterdam, Netherlands

  • /

    Michel Ducreux

    Institut Gustave Roussy

    Villejuif, France

  • /

    Ahmad Awada

    Hopitaux Universitaires Bordet-Erasme - Institut Jules Bordet

    Brussels, Belgium

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    Françoise Mazingue

    CHRU de Lille

    Lille, France

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    Corinne Faivre-Finn

    The Christie NHS Foundation Trust

    Manchester, United Kingdom

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    Michael Platten

    UniversitaetsKlinikum Heidelberg - Head Hospital

    Heidelberg, Germany

  • /

    Jean-Pascal Machiels

    Cliniques Universitaires Saint-Luc

    Brussels, Belgium

  • /

    Carla van Herpen

    Radboud University Medical Center Nijmegen

    Nijmegen, Netherlands

  • /

    Alba Brandes

    Ospedale Bellaria

    Bologna, Italy

  • /

    Winette van der Graaf

    The Institute of Cancer Research: Royal Cancer Hospital

    London, United Kingdom

  • /

    Ramon Salazar

    ICO L’Hospitalet - Hospital Duran i Reynals (Institut Catala D'Oncologia)

    Barcelona, Spain

  • /

    Anna Dorothea Wagner

    Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois

    Lausanne, France

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    Yves Benoit

    Universitair Ziekenhuis Gent

    Gent, Belgium

*one institution did not wish to be named here