Several committees oversee EORTC’s strategy and independence as well as the relevance and scientific value of all research efforts, ensuring scientific work is of the highest possible quality. Each EORTC committee chair is elected to serve a three-year term which may be renewed upon recommendation by the EORTC Board.

Protocol Review Committee

The Protocol Review Committee (PRC), which is appointed by the EORTC Board, comprises experts in all disciplines of oncology, 50% of whom are not EORTC members. In addition, the PRC makes systematic use of external reviewers – a minimum of three international experts are consulted for each outline, providing an independent review.

The PRC reviews and approves all research projects proposed by EORTC groups. The Translational Research Advisory Committee (TRAC) provides additional scientific expertise when needed. The New Drug Advisory Committee (NDAC) supports the evaluation of new molecules incoming in the EORTC.

Chair, Vice-chair & members

Independent Data Monitoring Committee

The Independent Data Monitoring Committee (IDMC) conducts interim reviews of EORTC studies and intergroup studies where the EORTC is the coordinating group (including studies done in partnership with the pharmaceutical industry).

The IDMC will make recommendations on whether or not to pursue or adapt a clinical trial based on scientific, ethical, statistical or safety considerations.