The General Assembly is the EORTC’s legislative body. Policies, proposals, and strategies are discussed and approved by the General Assembly . The General Assembly delegates specific functions to the Board, Committees, or appointees.

The EORTC Board is the steering and executive body which advises the General Assembly on new activities and formulates proposals to be ratified by the General Assembly. The Board meets at least twice a year. The Board consists of elected (voting) members and several ex officio members. The Board members select among themselves the President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary General.

Several EORTC Committees oversee the strategy and the independence of the EORTC as well as the relevance and scientific value of all research efforts, to ensure the highest possible quality of scientific work. Each EORTC Committee Chair is elected to serve a three-year term that can be renewed upon the Board’s recommendation.

The EORTC Network is organised into 2 divisions the Clinical Research Division (CRD) and the Translational Research Division (TRD) composed of  groups of scientists and/or clinicians, each with a specific area of interest in cancer research. These groups conduct translational research and/or clinical trials on all types of cancers using a multidisciplinary approach, working according to compatible Standards of Conduct and in compliance with the organisation’s statutes.