Facility questionnaire

This procedure covers sources of variation at infrastructural and personnel level. The radiotherapy department concerned must complete the EORTC ROG Facility Questionnaire (FQ) giving details of their equipment, procedures and personnel available. The FQ requests information on equipment and staffing of the radiotherapy facility and needs to be updated as soon as new equipment is installed and/or when there are major changes in staffing.

A ROG expert will evaluate each FQ to see if it meets minimum criteria for acceptance, based on periodical surveys on the characteristics of sites in the EORTC network. The last of such surveys was published by Grant et al, 2014.

The Facility Questionnaire can be found here. A PDF version of the questionnaire can be printed to facilitate collection of the necessary information for submission on-line. Please find here a list of currently validated sites.

All EORTC centres entering patients in studies where radiotherapy is part of protocol treatment are also required to submit their most recent results of a Beam Output Audit (BOA). The BOA procedure covers sources of variation at the single machine dosimetry level. It is described in detail here.
Both the Facility Questionnaire and BOA procedures must be completed before a center is allowed to enter patients in a trial.Note: it is the radiation oncologist and medical physicist responsibility to submit the FQ and provide the BOA results.