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Joint ESR/EORTC session at ECR 2015

Venue: Vienna, Austria

A joint European Society of Radiology (ESR) and EORTC session on Imaging in Multicenter Clinical Oncological Trials will be held on Saturday, 1 March 2015 from 8:30 – 10:00 at ECR 2015 in Vienna, Austria. The session will be co-chaired by Laure S. Fournier; Paris/FR (ESR representatives) and Yan Liu; Brussels/BE (EORTC representatives).

Objectives for this session are first to learn about the requirements for standardization and quality assurance and second to understand the role of quantitative imaging biomarkers.

Speakers include Yan Liu, Brussels, Belgium, who will present Imaging in Clinical Trials: the EORTC Perspective. Her presentation will stress the importance of imaging in oncologic trials, give an overview of the role of the EORTC Imaging Group, and further develop an appreciation for how standardization enhances the role of imaging in oncologic trials.

Nandita M. deSouza, Sutton, United Kingdom, will then present Standardisation and Quality Assessment of imaging as surrogate endpoints. Here, approaches to the standardization of imaging methods, the role of imaging biomarkers in oncologic trials, and the interactions of quantitative imaging with the results from biobanks will be discussed.

Marion Smits, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, will talk about Optimised Imaging for trials in Brain Tumours in which she will consolidate knowledge about state-of-art quantitative MRI, and attendees will learn about standardization and validation, and develop an appreciation of the value of quantitative MRI in grading and therapy response.

Finally, Thomas H. Helbich, Vienna, Austria will discuss Multiparametric MRI in Breast and Prostate Cancer. His talk will consolidate knowledge about state-of-art techniques, acquaint the audience with the reading schemes, and develop an appreciation of the role of tissue characterization and therapy response.

John Bean, PhD
EORTC, Medical Science Writer