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ESOI-EORTC Joint Workshop: Imaging in assessing response to cancer therapy

Venue: Rome, Italy

Course Overview:
The course is aimed at practicing radiologists and radiology residents/fellows and will focus mainly on the assessment of response to treatment. Lectures explaining the principles of imaging-based tumor response assessment will be held by an expert international faculty. Participants will also have the unique opportunity to train hands-on using specialized software on a comprehensive dataset comprising a variety of common and rare cancer cases encountered in the clinical routine or within clinical trials.

It is the first time that ESOI and EORTC jointly launch the workshop.  EORTC has built a unique integrated infrastructure aiming to support new generation clinical trials, including centralized imaging data and imaging central review. EORTC is also a leading group of RECIST criteria. Beside hands-on practice with existing common response criteria, novel criteria for immunotherapy and pitfalls of imaging implementation in multicenter trials will also be introduced.

Participants will have the unique opportunity to pass qualification tests on using RECIST 1.1 at the end of the workshop, and certificates, providing the first European certificate for evaluation of tumor response, recognized by both ESOI and EORTC. Qualified radiologists will also have the opportunity to become independent imaging reviewers for future EORTC studies.

Learning Objectives:
– To review most common imaging criteria for assessment of treatment response
– To review the principles of structured oncologic reporting and the requirements for clinically relevant oncological reports from  an oncologist’s perspective
– To achieve practical experience on how to measure and classify cancer as well as to assess tumor response to therapy and to avoid potential pitfalls
– To earn a European qualification for evaluation of tumor response

More information: www.esoi-society.org