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EORTC Groups Annual Meeting (EGAM)

Venue: Brussels, Belgium

This meeting presents an opportunity to contribute to the scientific activities of the EORTC, irrespective of EORTC members’ primary group affiliation, in order to optimally share expertise in a transversal setting. The vast majority of the time will be dedicated to group meetings.

The plenary session will present information on the evolving structure of the EORTC as well as the clinical research landscape and new forms of clinical research activities covering the full span from early clinical trials to survivorship. Exchanging views with other stakeholders and discussing the role of academia will be major highlights.

EGAM 2015 will also mark a special celebration in honor of Françoise Meunier, Director General and her many significant contributions to the EORTC over the past two and a half decades. We will hold a Gala Dinner at the prestigious Palais d’Egmont, a historic landmark building usually reserved for major political and royal festivities.

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