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50 years of Progress Against Cancer

Venue: Brussels, Belgium

We invite you to view the presentations delivered at the EORTC 50th Anniversary Conference.
Webcasts courtesy of The Informed Scientist.

Session 1: A 50-year history of cancer clinical research
Chairs: S. Garattini & F. Meunier

Opening ceremony – A FILM

Message from HRH Princess Astrid of Belgium
HRH Princess Astrid of Belgium

The challenges of the EORTC after half a century
Jean-Yves Blay

EORTC Charitable Trust : The challenges of funding academic research
Christopher Mallaby

Patient voice: The vision for the 21st century
Peter Kapitein

Session 2: A Pan-European collaboration
Chairs: D. Van Bekkum & G. McVie

The European Commission vision for Pan-European academic clinical research
Ruxandra Draghia-Akli

European Cooperation: Dream – Reality – Necessity
Françoise Meunier

Henri Tagnon lecture: The changing paradigms for melanoma care and research
Alexander Eggermont

Session 3: Achievements and trials that changed medical practice
Chairs: U. Veronesi & L. Denis

Research in surgical oncology: Lessons from the past and less is more
Emiel Rutgers

From radiation-therapy to radiation-oncology: A 50-year EORTC contribution
Jean-Claude Horiot

Clinical research in medical oncology: The patient, the tumor, the target and the drug
Patrick Schöffski

Progress in Haematology:
Chairs: JC. Horiot & J. Jassem

Adult Leukemia
Jean-Pierre Marie

Children Leukemia
Yves Benoit

Michel Henry-Amar

50 years of management of febrile neutropenia
Peter Donnelly

EORTC research in quality of life
Galina Velikova

Session 4: Integrating biology in novel clinical trials
Chairs: N. Harbeck & A. van Oosterom

IMI and cancer research
Michel Goldman

Translational research in brain tumors
Monika Hegi

The need for new concepts in clinical trials: The role of NOCI & the MINDACT example
Martine Piccart

Adapting the EORTC Headquarters to the rapidly changing environment
Denis Lacombe

Session 5: Future challenges and perspectives
Chairs: M. Piccart & A. Eggermont

The economics of innovative cancer treatments and policy implications
Koen Torfs

Functional Imaging as a surrogate endpoint for clinical efficacy
Lalitha Shankar

Methodology, response to treatment and RECIST
Jan Bogaerts

Prerequisites for making translational research an essential component of EORTC trials
Nadia Harbeck

The path forward
Roger Stupp