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3rd EORTC Quality of Life, Symptom Research and Patient Reported Outcomes in Cancer Clinical Trials Conference

Venue: Brussels, Belgium

View webcasts of the 3rd EORTC QOL, Symptom Research and Patient Reported Outcomes in Cancer Clinical Trials Conference held at the European Parliament on 17-19 October 2012.

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The prominence of the Quality of Life field has become recognized as well as the valuable work we have been conducting by a major European Union grant awarded to fund the 3rd EORTC QOL conference; this will take place on the 17-19 October at the European Parliament.

The conference chair Dr. Bottomley stressed that “what’s great about this event is having over 30 of the world’s leading QOL Faculty attending, from as far afield as Australia to Canada and many members of the EORTC Quality of Life Group presenting. When budgets are tighter in a recession, it becomes more difficult to meet and debate in the academic setting to key issues about conducting good quality clinical trials.  But for the third year running, this conference is free for researchers and health professionals to attend”. Additionally the EORTC awards 40 Travel Fellowships to young investigators and those from developing countries, offering a financial support of 400 Euros each to participate to the Conference and benefit from their contribution on the Design and Implementation of QOL in Clinical Trials

An important role is played by the European Parliament and as Dr. Bottomley emphasized “the fact that the European Parliament hosts this meeting shows that despite the economic and political challenges that we face, QOL and the cancer patients’ needs are still a key concern to our legislators”.   Meeting in the European Parliament provides a special and rare chance for an excellent dialogue between researchers and policy.  Marisa Matias, MEP who will be co-chairing the patient session of the meeting, is the leading supporter of QOL and EORTC. Confirming her engagement for cancer patients’ right, she stated “I am very pleased to be hosting for the second time this event and we look forward to seeing what advances we have made since we last met. It is critical that the patient’s voice is being heard and taken into account in treatment decision making and we hope this conference will echo this fact with discussion and debate.”