EORTC presentations at ENCR Scientific Meeting in Baveno, Italy Oct 5-7 2016

EORTC is conducting epidemiological outcome research, in partnership with population-based cancer registries in Europe, in part to evaluate real-world effectiveness of treatments tested in clinical research. As part of this, two studies will be presented as oral presentations at the European Network of Cancer Registries Scientific Meeting on October 7 under the theme ‘Cancer Registries and Clinical Data’.

The first study “Survival differences in Hodgkin lymphoma patients treated inside and outside clinical trials” will link data from six EORTC lymphoma trials and the Netherlands Cancer Registry (IKNL) to evaluate trial participation rate.

The same data is further linked with the Netherlands Patients Reported Outcome Cancer Registry (PROFILES) in the context of the second study: “Quality of life according to trial participation among Hodgkin lymphoma survivors.” Both studies are conducted in partnership with IKNL.

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