An update on SPECTA

The next generation sequencing service provider for SPECTA, 14M Genomics, has decided to close down operations due to withdrawal of funding from Syncona LLP, the sole investor of 14M Genomics. At this time, more than 850 patients have been included in SPECTAcolor and more than 120 patients have been included in SPECTAlung. More than 500 tumor samples have been tested by next generation sequencing and result reports are available.

EORTC is in the process of identifying a new service provider for next generation sequencing services. In addition, we have started talking to providers of different technologies, realizing that next generation sequencing is a powerful tool but often cannot be used in isolation for patient selection for clinical trials. Depending on the scientific and financing requirements of EORTC groups for the SPECTA platforms, different technologies can be used routinely or selectively for various patient cohorts. The EORTC board remains committed to the SPECTA philosophy and platforms and, together with the EORTC HQ and the SPECTA steering committees, are working hard to identify an adequate quality provider for molecular testing. The collection of biological material and clinical data continues in the same manner, as well as testing within specific clinical projects. More information will follow as soon as it becomes available.

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