EUPATI launched new educational resources for patients and lay-people

Another example of EORTC concrete support to patient involvement in new medicine development and lay-people understanding of clinical research:

The EORTC is partner of the European Patients’ Academy (EUPATI), an Innovative Medicines Initiative funded project of 33 organizations, led by the European Patients’ Forum, with partners from patient organizations, universities, NGOs along with pharmaceutical companies.

EUPATI aims to provide scientifically reliable, objective and comprehensive information to patients on medicines research and development. EUPATI will improve the availability of lay-people-friendly information as well as the capacity and capability to understand and contribute to medicines research & development for patient advocates.

EUPATI free of charge online material include articles, presentations, videos, and factsheets around all aspects of a medicine’s development process  including drug discovery and non-clinical testing, planning and conduct of clinical trials, regulatory affairs, assessment of safety of medicines, benefit-risk assessment, as well as principles of health technology assessment. The material is available in seven languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Polish, Russian, and Italian. Face to face courses are also organized.

Thanks to its unique expertise in clinical research, the EORTC contributed to the preparation of educational material about various aspects of clinical trial design and analyses.

EUPATI material is available from here.


Created in 1962, the EORTC is a non-profit international cancer research infrastructure under Belgian Law. The EORTC is conducting multidisciplinary international cancer clinical research in a network of over 632 university hospitals located in 32 countries in which some 4125 clinicians and scientists collaborate on a voluntary basis. As of January 2016, 46 EORTC clinical trials are open to patient recruitment and 207 clinical trials are active.  Some 4,000 cancer patients are entered into EORTC clinical trials each year. EORTC databases contain data from some 187,600 patients from EORTC clinical trials. The EORTC operates on an independent basis, and in this capacity is able to work in partnership with the pharmaceutical industry in evaluating innovative molecules. EORTC has contributed to several success stories of new anti-cancer drugs development including registrations by the FDA and the EMA. The EORTC has proven track records in establishing new standards e.g. Response Evaluation Criteria In Solid Tumors (RECIST), Quality of Life, etc.. Located in Brussels, the EORTC Headquarters with its 180 professionals is a unique facility in Europe. It provides scientific, legal, logistic and administrative support to EORTC clinical and translational research activities.

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