EORTC Symposium on Multidisciplinary Quality Assurance at World Cancer Congress 2016

The EORTC is hosting a Symposium on the integration of multidisciplinary quality assurance programs in cancer treatment development at the World Cancer Congress 2016. The Symposium will take place in Room 352 A on 1 November 2016 from 17.00 – 18.00

The World Cancer Congress 2016, organized by the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC), will be held 31 October – 3 November 2016 at the Palais des Congrès de Paris, in Paris, France.

Indeed, cancer treatment is multimodal, so the aim of this symposium is to demonstrate the need and value of multidisciplinary quality assurance in cancer clinical research to evaluate therapeutic strategies and the benefits quality assurance programs have on patient outcomes. This is a critical aspect to ensure newly developed therapeutic strategies are optimally implemented in routine.

This EORTC Symposium will be chaired Denis Lacombe (EORTC Director General) and highlight several areas where the EORTC is making significant contributions in quality assurance with the ultimate goal of improving treatments for patients with cancer.

Intended for an audience that will include oncologists, scientists as well as all health care delivery stakeholders, the key objectives are to raise awareness of Quality Assurance programs, outline the development and implementation of Quality Assurance programs for clinical research, and define the role of Quality Assurance for optimal integration of multidisciplinary treatment.

Prof. Serge Evrard of the Institut Bergonie in Bordeaux, France, will present “Revisiting clinical research in surgical oncology: a plea for new directions”.

Dr. Roberto Salgado, Institut Jules Bordet, Brussels, Belgium will talk about “Quality and tissue-handling: a continuously evolving business”.

Dr. Patrick Bouquet, Centre Eugene Marquis, Rennes, France, will introduce “QA of imaging within the framework of clinical trials: ensure the comparability of the data and the robustness of biomarkers”.

Closing the symposium, Dr. Damien Weber of the Paul Scherrer Institute Center for Proton Therapy in Villigen, Switzerland, will present “Quality Assurance for radiotherapy within the framework of clinical trials: assure that studies’ endpoints are not corrupt and improve patients’ outcomes”.

Denis Lacombe
EORTC Director General

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