EORTC and Andaman7 are working together to develop Synchronized Health Records

Vincent Keunen (photo) runs the software development company that developed Andaman7, a collaborative electronic health record for doctors and patients. The multilingual Andaman7 app is a kind of mobile electronic health record system that can contain any medical record about the patient, entered by the patient, doctor, or through the hospital electronic health record system.

“I was enjoying a happy and healthy life with my family, when, in 2007, all hell broke loose. I got Leukemia, my ten year old son got bone cancer, and everything changed: priorities, dreams, objectives. This tough experience led to the creation of Andaman7. With this app, a patient can easily send my data to my doctor, to my specialist, to my sister, etc.”

Andaman7@eortc, a first project with EORTC, will enable data to be sent from patient > principal investigator > EORTC, if the patient agrees, and be useful for long term follow-up or even cancer survivorship projects.


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