Team EORTC active in benefits for patients with cancer

The EORTC is recognized worldwide for the exceptional work it does in the realm of cancer clinical research leading to improved treatments for patients with cancer, and EORTC Headquarters Staff are, indeed, deeply committed to that mission. So much so, that a number of EORTC Staff have recently combined their professional commitment to improve cancer treatments with their passion for running and have formed Team EORTC, a group that participates in various cancer benefit runs. For members of Team EORTC, quality of life is not just an aspect of clinical trials, it’s something to live by.

September 14, 2014 marked the 6th edition of La Bruxelloise – Urban Woman Jogging, an event organized to support breast cancer research. The event was held at Place Flagey in Brussels, and more than 2200 joggers ran 3, 6 or 9 km. Specifically designed for urban women joggers, men, dressed as women, were also encouraged to join the fun. On this occasion, Team EORTC electrified the crowd by running in the spirit of fun and camaraderie. Participants included Claire Gandilhon, Gladdys Arias, Carmela Caballero, Sandra Collette, Edit Szepessy, Caroline Gilotay and two courageous men: Vincent Smeets and Efstathios Zikos. Friends and family members joined Team EORTC making the run truly enjoyable.

On the heels of this successful event, additional EORTC staff joined Team EORTC to participate in the Belfius Brussels Marathon on 5 October 2014. Although this event presented a more challenging course, Team EORTC’s Gaetan de Shaetzen was able to complete the full marathon, Denis Lacombe, and Seraphine Rossi the half-marathon, and Bernard Kamp, Britt De Jongh, Carmela Caballero, Caroline Gilotay, Claire Gandilhon, Edit Szepessy, Edwin Nys, Elisa Rizzo, Emad Shash, Julie Coupain, Nicolas Dif, Sandra Collette, Stéphanie Kromar, Steven Deleu, and Thomas Valkaert the mini-marathon.

Team EORTC points out that exercise is one of twelve ways to reduce your cancer risk as listed in the European Code Against Cancer, and so you can count on seeing Team EORTC continue their efforts by participating in future events.

John Bean, PhD
EORTC, Medical Science Writer


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