Quality of Life in Oncology Resource Centre

To optimize quality of life in oncology patients preventive measures to avoid occurrence of adverse effects of the disease and its treatment are required. Where prevention is not feasible, proper management to minimize both physical and psychological adverse effects is needed. By maximizing the patient’s quality of life patient resilience is enhanced, supporting acceptance, rehabilitation, compliance and generally easing the significant emotional burden of both patients and care givers. Therefore, supportive care designed to uphold the quality of life of patients and those directly involved by preventing and alleviating the symptoms and complications of cancer (treatment) is essential to allow maximal benefit of the treatment options at hand.

Elsevier has launched a Quality of Life in Oncology Resource Centre providing free full-text access to peer-reviewed original research and review articles on the quality of life during all disease stages of cancer – from diagnosis to post-diagnostic care, as well as interviews with leading experts, links to guidelines on Supportive and Palliative Care in Cancer, clinical and teaching cases and podcasts and News updates from oncology conferences.
The editor-in-chief of the resource centre is  Dr. Matti S. Aapro (Multidisciplinary Institute of Oncology, Genolier, Switzerland). The resource centre is supported by an international Editorial board of experts: Dr Florian Scotté (France) Dr Carla Ripamonti (Italy), Dr Ricardo Caponero (Brazil), Dr Anton Snegovoy (Russia) and Dr Martin Chasen (USA).
The Quality of Life in Oncology resource centre is supported by an educational grant from Helsinn and the company does not have any influence on the content and all items are subject to independent peer and editorial review.


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