WIN Symposium 2014: WINning combinations for precision cancer medicine

Breakthrough biomarker investigations and combined approaches

WIN 2014 Symposium

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Hot topics at WIN 2014

WIN Consortium announces the WIN Symposium 2014

Marriott Rive Gauche, Paris, June 23-24, 2014
An exceptional event entirely dedicated to breakthrough biomarker investigations and combined therapeutic approaches:

“This original theme is for the first time the subject of an international symposium”, said Dr. Vladimir Lazar, Chief Operating Officer of WIN Consortium. “Join the world’s leaders in precision cancer medicine, Leroy Hood, Richard L. Schilsky, Razelle Kurzrock, Jean-Charles Soria and many others”

“Most patients’ tumors are driven by multiple molecular aberrations that cannot be controlled by a single targeted agent. The challenge is to identify and test smart combinations of targeted agents capable of blocking optimal pathways at the same time”, said John Mendelsohn, Chair of the WIN consortium.

Pr. Alexander Eggermont, Vice-Chair of WIN consortium and co-chair of the WIN 2014 symposium stated: “Some combinations are currently under investigation. Results of these and additional clinical studies are eagerly awaited as they hold the promise of taking precision cancer medicine to the next level.”

Hot topics at WIN 2014

“Winning combinations for precision cancer medicine”

Breakthrough biomarker investigations and combined therapeutic approaches

Molecular analysis of immune cells and immunotherapy

What can we learn from hemato-oncology?

Tumor cells plasticity and druggable targets

Combination of targeted therapies

New findings in fundamental mechanisms in pediatric solid and liquid cancers

Keynote Lecturers include: René Bernards, Jerome Galon, and Bob Löwenberg

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