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Thursday 7 March 2013

Opening remarks & Positioning the EORTC in the changing clinical research landscape – R. Stupp

SPECTAcolor, an EORTC initiative – S. Tejpar

OncoTrack: Precision medicine for colon cancer driven by genomics and systems biology – D. Henderson

Q-CROC (Quebec Clinical Research Organization in Cancer) a new business model to clinical and translational research – G. Batist

The EORTC brain metastasis platform – W. Wick and M. Preusser

Emerging opportunities for drug development with radiation oncology – V. Grégoire

Integration of pharmacogenomics in clinical research – U. McDermott (Sanger Institute)

Friday 8 March 2013

New challenges for industry and new approaches to partnerships between industry and EORTC – M. Chlebus (EFPIA)

The changing landscape of drug development – S. Arlington (PwC)

Role of academia in the changing landscape: the regulator’s point of view – F. Pignatti (EMA)

Patients First. Connecting patients, clinicians and researchers in the mission against cancer. New horizons for EORTC activities? – P. Kapitein

Cancer survivors an increasing population and still many questions to answer: how much damage did we do by treating them well? – L. Moser

Long term follow up studies : the Children’s Leukemia Group experience – C. Piette

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