EORTC & Alliance Boots join forces to support a pan-European biobank for research in advanced colorectal cancer

EORTC Biobanking Project

About the Biobanking Project

  • The EORTC aims to create Europe’s first Biobank for the study of colorectal cancers.
  • This is a unique scientific pan-European initiative, building on the mapping of the human genome.
  • The Biobank will be a leading force in the new phase of progress in cancer treatment.

“The EORTC needs to make this biobank a reality to help patients, present and future, who suffer from cancer.”

A Pan-European Partnership

The EORTC Charitable Trust and Alliance Boots are working to:

  • Raise 5 million euros over the next 5 years
  • Create a Biobank for Colorectal Cancer Tissues
  • Set up a DNA Biobank

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