Fostering the Role of Pathology and Biobanking: 17 September 2010, EORTC Headquarters

Translational research is a key component of the EORTC strategy for placing the EORTC at the forefront of clinical and translational research with innovative trials. To further support translational research at the EORTC, a policy for biological material collection, storage and use (biobanking) is being developed, the principles of which were approved by the EORTC Board in October 2009. The involvement and feedback of pathologists and experienced biobankers within the EORTC network are fundamental to this effort, and, accordingly, a meeting, Fostering the Role of Pathology and Biobanking, will take place on 17 September 2010 at EORTC Headquarters.

Key topics to be covered during this meeting include:

  • establishment of EORTC Group biobanks and feedback on EORTC Groups current status in collection activities;
  • biological material custodianship;
  • access to biological materials;
  • EORTC quality criteria for biobanking centers;
  • how EORTC NOCI (Network of Core Institutions) centers can help support EORTC Group biobanks;
  • long-term continuity of established infrastructures;
  • tele-pathology tools for supporting pathology and pathology research.

The objectives for this meeting are to:

  • finalize the principles of the EORTC biobanking policy;
  • maximize EORTC networking, i.e., stimulate interaction between Pathologists of Groups and NOCI and the Pathobiology Group;
  • set up procedures and monitor the implementation of the policy across EORTC disease oriented groups and the involvement of NOCI.

The EORTC Pathobiology Group, pathologists and translational research representatives involved in the activities of the disease oriented groups, and pathologists from NOCI will all be present to promote cross-fertilization between the EORTC Translational and Clinical Research Divisions. This meeting provides an opportunity for feedback and comments and also for discussion of the implementation and implications of the new policy across all EORTC groups.

Jacqueline Hall, Head EORTC Headquarters Translational Research Unit
Nadia Harbeck; Chair Translational Research Division
Maria Grazia Daidone, Chair EORTC Pathobiology Group
Stefan Sleijfer, Chair Translational Research Advisory Committee
Denis Lacombe, EORTC Headquarters Scientific Director
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